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Ashley News Observer- Features

Govan bringing 'bigger than basketball' leadership to Crossett court
The Crossett School Board Officially hired a Crossett High School alumna, Shanae Govan, as the head basketball coach for the Lady Eagles.

CHS Class of 2010 alumna Shanae Govan has been hired as the new head basketball coach for the Lady Eagles. While coaching at Lee Academy in Clarksdale, Miss., above, she led the team there to its first championship since 1992. (SUBMITTED/The News Observer)
Govan graduated from Crossett in 2010 and accepted a basketball scholarship to Arkansas Tech University. In 2012, Govan transferred to Delta State University, where she continued to play basketball and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. She was coaching basketball at a private school in Clarksdale, Miss., when Crossett Superintendent Gary Williams contacted her.

“I really had no aspirations to come back to Crossett, but after a long talk with Mr. Williams, and a lot of prayer, I decided why not?” Govan said.

As coach at Lee Academy, Govan led the team to their first state tournament since 1992.

“I’m a little sad to be leaving, but I’m excited about coming home and giv
ing back to my community,” she said.

In Mississippi, Govan was not only a basketball coach, but also a youth minister at Wildlife Ministries in Clarksdale. According to Govan, she will continue her ministry by being a role model and a youth minister to the youth of Crossett. In a self-published book, “Purpose in Adversity,” she talks about her life and why leading others is important to her.

“It’s bigger than basketball, it’s about the game of life,” she said.

--For the complete story, see the print edition.

LETTERS FROM READERS: Are Ashley County voters sheep for new taxes?
Ashley, are we like sheep? You know sheep! Sheep can’t think for themselves, so they must have a shepard to guide and protect them. Now, do the citizens of Crossett, Hamburg and the whole county need people telling us what to do, like raising taxes for thing we don’t need or want?

Crossett, you are old and worn out. You’re tired and can’t rise up to confront those who will tax you to death. They are simular to those who would scam you out of all you have. Sounds harsh? It is true. Like a fire, it wants more and more fuel to burn bigger and higher to reach the heavens. That is the motive of those living off our taxes!

We need to rid our county of all those telling us to vote for more and permanent taxes.We need to rid our county of them and get replacements that don’t think we need to pay more and more for the same old things we know are not needed just because they say those things are!

When an elections is held and brings out only eleven percent of registered voters, that’s got to be taken as a positive “no” vote! That should be the law!

Anytime less that half of the registered voters turn out for a so-called special election, it should not count as an election.

C. Donaldson,

Ashley County students place at 4-H O'Rama
Five 4-Hers recently participated in the Delta District 4-H O’Rama in Forrest City at the East Arkansas Community College. Those who participated included, from left, Trinity Foster, first place, food fair-junior; Joi Holden, first place, human development-junior; Shydria Minnieweather, first place, citizenship-senior; Rachel Junior, first place, consumer economics-senior; and Phebe Dawson, first place, fashion revue-senior. (SUBMITTED/The News Observer)

LETTERS FROM READERS: Learn how amatuer radio helps the community
Gov. Asa Hutchinson recently declared the week of June 18 as Amateur Radio Week in the State of Arkansas.

More than 8,000 Arkansas citizens are licensed amateur radio operators. Many play an important role as volunteers of the Weather Bureau, Office of Emergency Management and many hospital networks as emergency communications networks.
Arkansas amateurs can play a vital role in informative communications in the aftermath of ice storms, tornadoes or other disasters within our state.

Crossett is home of N5SEA, The Southeast Amateur Radio Club, hosting several VHF and UHF repeaters, both analog and digital. We are a small group of licensed amateurs interested in the advancement of the radio hobby and would like to increase the interest in our area.

Most people have heard of “HAM Radio” in one way or another and many think of it in terms of older technology in the way of tubes and old radios with tall towers and huge antennas — and yes, we do still use those. While the amateur hobby does still both use and encourage this older technology as a means of learning and communication, there is also the latest in digital technology in both audio and video transmission. Amateurs can now communicate via satellites, bounce signals off of the moon and use the internet as a communications link.

Did you know that today you can get on the air with digital technology and communicate worldwide with a handheld “walkie talkie” with the entry level technician amateur license and minimal investment in radio equipment?
The technician license can be obtained by taking a test that requires basic understanding of the FCC rules and regulations and radio operation. The testing can be done here locally by licensed amateurs in a small group setting. There are currently three license levels, technician, general class and extra class. Each class has specific privileges on the amateur radio frequencies.

You can contact any of the local amateur operators to get more information on how to get involved and become part of the amateur radio community. We strive to be helpful, encourage anyone that interested to learn and contribute to the amateur radio hobby. It’s fun, it’s very educational and you can connect with the rest of the world via radio communications.

You can contact: Bill Gifford, W5GIF at 870-500-5455, Scotty McCay, AB5SM at 870-540-7368, Jerry Brantley, N5ADJ at 870-364-5335 or Don Lemley, ND5RL at 870-723-6884

Scott McCay

PHOTOS: Cub Scouts host Raingutter Regatta
Cub Scouts Pack 66 had its first Raingutter Regatta this month. The Cub Scouts said they enjoyed the event and voted to make it an annual occurrence. From left, Asher Johnson placed first at the contest, in which scouts raced model boats, while Camden Seals placed second and Hayden Seals finished third. Below, scouts who participated included, from front left, Lawson Taylor, Jasper Daws, Asher Johnson, Kaleb Taylor and Aiden Lemke, from back left, John Michael Bates, Hayden Seals and Camden Seals. Anyone interested in learning more about Cub Scouts may contact Ellie Daws at 870-500-3372. (NEWS OBSERVER/Submitted)